The Street Outlook

25 / 05 / 2017

The Street Outlook

Street Photography- There are various definitions on “Street Photography” as a term by different Street photographers. In addition to those respective definitions I would like to add one more definition from my point of view which is

“Street Photography is an art of capturing the mood of a place anywhere in the world which usually show the images of the society, with usually unaware subjects.”

Street Photography to me is capturing truth, real life, moment and scene; describing a story through photos. Street Photography develops a photographer’s eye and observation skills which is a great thing.

Some Major Types Of Street Photography-

1.Urban Street Photography

2.Candid Street Photography

3.Documentary Street Photography

Urban Street Photography-

Urban street photography refers to photographing daily activities, working, lives in Urban spaces.

Whatever I capture in streets has some relation to my personal experience regarding life. As the caption is Inclined-Declined walk it suggests us that “we as human beings have to walk upwards (towards Success) or Downwards (towards Losses) in life”.

Candid Street Photography-

Candid Street Photography-Photographing human emotions when people are unaware. Candid Street Photography is really interesting and very challenging when it comes to capture human emotions without telling people to pose. Most of the street photography is candid only.

A daily life photograph captured while I was practicing to shoot layers. Layers in Photography includes-Foreground, Middle-ground, and Background. If there are subjects in your frame then you should try to capture them interestingly.


The image below which I captured very quickly under a bridge near Flower market,Kolkata. Lot of drug addicts spend their time under the bridge.

Documentary Street Photography-

 Documentary Street Photography is capturing photographs to record both significant and relevant facts to history, historical events and everyday life. Most of the photojournalist practice documentary street Photography. Many photojournalists document the photograph with proper story which relate with photograph.

The story of the lady is personified through the parrot in the cage. Though the lady is physically not in the cage but she indeed is living in the confinement of the slum. Being a bird the parrot shall fly high but is barred in the cage. Similarly, the lady too has many dreams of living a good life with all the comforts she and family could think of but alas she is unable to attain them…! This shot I captured during my Documentary Photography shoot in Kolkata.

In Camera Modes most frequently Used in Street Photography

There are several modes in camera like Manual Mode, Shutter Priority (TV), Aperture Priority (AV), Program Mode (P), Scene Mode etc.

The most used mode in street photography is Aperture Priority (AV) mode. This mode saves time as the photographer just have to adjust their aperture (F/stop) and set the ISO value according to the lighting condition and the camera will automatically set the Shutter speed according to the light.

I have observed that most of the Amateur Photographers use manual mode while doing street Photography, the demerit of using manual mode is that one has to set the exposure triangle that is Shutter Speed, ISO which is a time taking process. I would recommend them to use Aperture Priority (AV) and start Practicing with this mode. Aperture Priority (AV) will save your time and you will be able to capture the moment very easily.

Equipment’s to Use while doing Street Photography

It is said that photographer’s eye is his best equipment. This statement is very much true, but in street photography if you carry a light weight and small camera it will be easy for you to capture images in crowded places and nobody would come to know that you are actually having a camera.

Camera’s Best Suitable for Street Photography:-

1 .Fuji X100T Digital Camera

2. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

3. Nikon D750 DSLR Camera

4. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX 100 V

5. Ricoh GR II Digital Camera

Best Lens for Street Photography

It is a subjective choice of a photographer for shooting on streets. Many Street Photographers will recommend 35MM f/1.8 prime lens because it has less optical glass elements so it produce better contrast and has far better sharpness as compared to variable zoom lenses (For example: 10-18mm F/3.5-5.6). But some Street Photographers use wide angle zoom lenses because they want to capture the scene on different focal lengths according to their perspective. I personally use wide angle zoom lens while shooting on streets because it allows me shooting the scene with variable focal lengths and I am not bound to shoot on fixed focal length.

Key In Camera Exposure Settings for Street Photographers :-

A very basic tip to set your exposure while doing street photography is to set your ISO-400, F/8 on Aperture Priority mode and let the camera decide the shutter speed according to the light. This is a fast method to set your camera but yes this needs practice to get proper perfection and the photographer must have an idea where to use it. We use ISO-400 because every time in streets the light is uneven so keeping our IS0 at 400 would be better to get a desired shutter speed. Aperture value of F/8 will provide us depth in our images.

Photography is a practical thing. No book can teach any one or can make any one a good photographer unless you don’t practice and put your heart and soul in Photography.

I suggest all the budding photographers to practice and shoot as much as they can because in street photography practice is only key to success.

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